The T.G.Sports (1955)

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One of the most enduring sportscar designs ever was that of the 1955 MG TF. Alternative Cars Intl Ltd now manufactures a kitset car, or replica of that MG. While the main description of this may be that of a kitcar it is also available as a semi built vehicle, a turnkey minus, or a complete turnkey.

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Now you can build a car to your own specs. Build an MGTF kit car using parts from a Mazda MX5 Miata.

"Some argue that there is some negative 'pose factor' associated with driving a soft-top as opposed to a hard-top. This must be some foible - certainly not one I have ever encountered. They also suggest that people who drive soft-tops must get cold and wet. Have they never heard of putting the top up?
In insisting on a hard-top they are depriving themselves of the most essential, most elemental driving experience of all - that of being fully immersed in the sound, smell and ambient temperature of the landscape through which one travels.
This is driving at its purest and most involving. What hard-top experience can compare with charging across country on a fine day in an open roadster savouring the smells of pine and lavender and freshly ploughed fields? Or the smell of coffee and bread from the small cafes and patisseries one passes in a blur and the sounds of laughter and jazz squirting out of cafes in small villages late at night. And the ever-changing nuances in temperature and humidity as one travels.
What hard-top experience overwhelms you with the sudden presence of sea-salt in the air near the sea or that of instantly being enveloped in warmth as the sun bursts on to the horizon of a summer dawn?
This is an existential point: in an open car you live the journey from A to B - and on a good day, driving in a closed car is a very, very sad alternative. And there are only good days."

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